I support writers at all stages of their process – from the budding to the experienced.

Workshops and Tutorials

Tailored workshops or tutorials for individuals or groups (like writing groups). My workshops are fun, inclusive, and focus on building skills and confidence, and exploring ideas. While I run regular workshops (both online and at various venues) – which anyone can join – I can also tailor workshops and tutorials to the requirements of individuals or groups. Topics include: elements of story (character, plot, dialogue, motivation, point of view, setting, and theme), writing taboo, stereotypes vs. archetypes, story structure and framing devices, and anything else you may wish to explore. The cost for workshops or tutorials is $250/hour (note that this does not include venue cost – where applicable). You (or your writing group) simply choose the topic (or a combination of topics), I then develop the session and present it either online or face-to-face. I will work with you to finalise the content and make sure the workshop or tutorial is exactly what you want and need.

Tremendous fun. Light mood, engaging, evenly shared amongst participants, non-judgemental, and a safe environment.

– Workshop Feedback

Manuscript Assessment

I provide manuscript assessments on collections (non-fiction and fiction) and novels between 50,000 and 150,000 words. This includes non-fiction and all genres of fiction. Assessment includes a feedback report, addressing manuscript strengths and areas for improvement, as well as an assessment of the execution of the main elements of story (character, plot, dialogue, motivation, point of view, setting, and theme). Two hours of consultation are also included – where we discuss your goals for the project and explore how you can best move forward. The cost is $10 per 1,000 words for collections or novels between 50,000 and 150,000 words (i.e. a 100,000 novel would cost $1,000).


Mentorships are for people looking to grow as writers, who need support on their writing journey, or who wish to achieve specific goals (like completing a novel). The first stage is an initial meeting (30 minutes to one hour) to establish what you wish to achieve through a mentorship, and to ascertain if a mentorship is right for your. Clear goals are essential – whether to complete a novel or find a publisher. We will then work together to develop a schedule – which will include regular catch-ups. I will provide resources or tutoring (where required), and (gently) hold you accountable to your goals. The duration of mentorships is 6 months, and includes 48 hours of support. The support provided depends on your needs, but will generally include coaching sessions (weekly), tutoring, resources, and general feedback on up-to 100,000 words of writing (note that this does not include any editing). Mentorships are $5,000 (to be paid in two instalments – at the start and at the halfway point of the mentorship).


Writing is for everyone and everyone can write. This does not mean that everyone can become a professional writer, but everyone can find joy in writing.

For some, writing is purely for personal pleasure, or a form of therapy. For others, it’s a job. I work with people to help them get the most of their writing journey.

Everyone can grow their writing skills. For some this might mean learning the essential components of a story and how to use them. For others it might mean fine tuning their voice, or finding their theme.

The first stage of all support arrangements, is an initial meeting. It’s essential that my style of working and providing support is a good fit for you and that I can add value to your craft or journey. I believe in working with people – building on what’s strong, working through blocks, and establishing goals and effective routines.